Sinoptix provides a one-stop solution for your optical requirements in China. Our broad range of audited suppliers within the optical field allows us to provide quick and efficient solutions for standard and custom optics requests. Sinoptix selects and audits the best suppliers in their given field, providing you with a reliable and verified choice of components, materials, and coatings, all delivered to your worldwide facilities.

Custom optical components

Type of optics

– Lenses
– Doublets
– Prisms
– Windows
– Mirrors
– Filters
– Led Collimators
– IR Optics
– Laser Optics

Sinoptix standard and custom optical capabilities expand into various industries for a broad range of applications, ensuring customers can acquire the required parts quickly, efficiently, and from the same trusted partner.


– Borosilicate glass (N-BK7 / H-K9L / N-Bak1)
– Silicium (Si)
– Germanium (Ge)
– Zinc selenide
– Zinc sulfide (ZnS)
– Quartz (SiO2)
– Silice (SiO2)
– Sapphire glass

The performance of optical components is determined by the quality of raw material used. Sinoptix offers a broad range of high-quality optical materials used for optical component manufacturing to ensure quality standards remain constant.


– Antireflection coatings
– High reflective coatings
– Partial Reflection coatings
– Protective optical coatings
– Aluminum coatings
– Metallic coatings
– Gold coatings
– Bandpass coatings
– Carbon coatings

Sinoptix provides a wide range of solutions for coatings, from simple, single-layer AR coatings using Mg F2 and mirror coatings to complex, multilayer dielectric stacks. Sinoptix uses the best facilities in China to ensure you get the result you need.